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BTS Configuration Diagram



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BTS Configuration Diagram

Thrusday, 22 May 2008 20:01:51 - by : admin
BTS Configuration Diagram

The main configuration of equipments inside the BTS are :
1. Main Processor Unit
2. Clock Source
3. Interface Unit
4. Base band Unit
5. Power Supply Unit
6. RF Unit
7. Antenna

Main Processor Unit
The functions of this unit are as a brain for the BTS:
1. BTS initialization and self-testing
2. configuration
3. O&M signaling
4. software download
5. collection and management of external and internal alarms
Clock Source Unit
The basic function of this unit is like a heart for the BTS:
> Deliver a stable clocking pulse to all digital equipment inside
Interface Unit
Interface unit have function to translate between Source data which has specific Electrical Standard (E1, T1 or IP) to digital data and this data will deliver to other digital unit to be next processed
Base Band Unit
In the base band unit, the digital data will be processed and following the GSM standard, this unit creates a data which ready to be feed to RF Unit.
Power Supply Unit
The basic function of power supply unit is like a stomach for the BTS which produce a power for whole equipments in the BTS. With input the AC voltage like food in the human and produce DC voltage as a power. Power consumption of 1 Macro Outdoor BTS which have 6 Transceivers Unit is around 1500 Watt.
RF Unit
RF Unit converts the digital signal to Radio Frequency --RF-- Signal (air interface signal) following the GSM Standard. This signal type is still as an electrical signal.
Antenna Unit
Antenna as a traditional unit, have a function to convert electrical signal to electromagnetic signal. This unit is very important unit for creating cell dimension. Combination of horizontal - vertical polarization, antenna height and antenna tilting influence the radiation pattern of cell.

The real examples of BTS is shown bellow:


Do you want to know about 3G-Specifications or UMTS-3G Architecture ?

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