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VSWR Measurement using Anritsu Site Master
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To measure the VSWR there are several ways you can use, one of them by using the  VSWR Anritsu Site Master S332B.

With this tools we are very watered down to take measurements with accurate results and the results can be printed or in the save in a files.


Equipment needed to perform measurements, namely:
1. Anritsu Site Master S332B type
2. Precision OPEN / SHORT,
3. Precision Terminator / LOAD
4. Extension Test Cable.

      anritsu site master  anritsu calibrator  test cable

There are 5 (five) items measuring procedures, including:
1. Setting Frequency and Calibration
2. VSWR measurement
3. Measurement of Return Loss (RL)
4. Measurement of Distance to Fault (DTF)
5. Measurement Cable / Waveguide Loss (CL)

I. Setting Frequency and Calibration
Before conducting measurements, the instruments should be calibrated in advance, while the steps are as follows:

1. Press the MODE
2. Select FREQ-VSWR or Return Loss
3. Press ENTER
4. Press the FREQ / DIST
5. Press the F1 soft key
6. Enter the numbers 8,9,0 or select a predetermined Freq / stored
7. Press ENTER to determine F1 = 890 MHz
8. Press the F2 soft key
9. Enter the numbers 9,6,0 or select a predetermined Freq / stored
10. Press ENTER to determine F2 = 960 MHz


  1. Press the START CAL the message "Connect Open to the RF out port"

  2. Pairs of precision "OPEN" and then press ENTER, the message "Measuring  OPEN" after the process is complete the message "Connect SHORT to RF out port"

  3. Remove the precision OPEN, SHORT precision pairs and then press the ENTER key and the message will appear "Measuring SHORT" after that message appears again 'Connect termination to the RF out "

  4. Remove the plug precision and precision termination SHORT press ENTER and the message "Measuring termination"

  5. Check at the top left corner posts CAL ON (measuring instruments are properly calibrated).

C). Amplitude / LIMIT

  1. Press the amplitude or LIMIT to go to the scales.

  2. Eg for press softkey TOP VSWR, specify the value of it (eg: 1.3) and press the BOTTOM for determining the underlying value (eg: 1).

  3. Eg for press softkey TOP RETURN LOSS, determine its value (eg: 0) and press the BOTTOM to determine its value (eg: 54)

To save the configuration settings press SETUP SAVE then use the arrows to select locations 1-10 and ENTER.


  1. Press the RECALL SETUP.

  2. Use the arrows to select the desired setting that ekan then ENTER.


  1. Press SAVE DISPLAY to activate the alphanumeric menu

  2. Use the softkey to enter the letters / numbers that will be stored in memory.


  1. Press the RECALL DISPLAY

  2. Use the arrows to select the data that will be displayed and then ENTER.

II. VSWR measurement

anritsu vswr result

  1. Press the MODE button.

  2. Use the arrows to select the FREQ-SWR and then press ENTER.

  3. To select a frequency range such as PROCEDURE A.

  4. Then the calibration like procedure B.

  5. After that plug feeder (end loaded antennas) to gauge or can also use the extension cable from the measuring instrument, this is to facilitate the mobilization of measurement.

  6. Then observe the results of measurements and mark with marker amplitude graph


  1. Press the MARKER button to go to the marker.

  2. M1 softkey, press the EDIT softkey and enter a value

  3. who desired frequency (eg: 900) press ENTER, the setting M1 = 900 MHz. Press BACK softkey to return to the marker.

  4. Repeat Step 1 and 2 for M2.

III. Return Loss Measurement

return loss measurement

1. Press the MODE button.
2. Use the arrows to select the FREQ-RETURN LOSS and then press ENTER
3. The next steps together with VSWR measurements.

V. Measurement of Distance to Fault

  1. Press the MODE

  2. Use the arrows to select the DTF-SWR ENTER

  3. Calibration and range setting freq. like steps A & B.

IV. Measurement Cable / Waveguide Loss
Cable Loss Measurement using Precision SHORT at the end of feeder

  1. Press the MODE

  2. Use the arrow and select the ONE-PORT CABLE LOSS, press ENTER

  3. Press to enter the menu amplitude scale

  4. Press softkey and define the values it TOP

  5. BOTTOM softkey and define the bottom.


  • Calibration of measuring instruments must always be done before starting the measurements.

  • Knowing the specifications of the material such Loss Connector, Feeder, feeder jumpers, splitters, antenna and others.

  • Before measuring, make sure first that the installation is mounted fine.

  • Using the extension cable to move more freely in doing measurement

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